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For over 35 years Quimetal Pemder products and those of our business partners have been tested in various industries and given their great quality and performance have achieved a strong positioning within the mexican market.


Automotive industry

Through Dipsol of America we have the best Zinc-Nickel  Zinc-Cobalt; Zinc-Iron alloys; as well as high strength trivalent chromates for all types of base metals. 

Some of which have been approved by brands such as BMW, FORD, TOYOTA and GM among many others.

Aerospace industry

Our product line is the best option for the anodizing process, over any alloy of parts made of aluminum.

Our partnership with Dipsol of America has given us access to processes approved by world recognized aerospace companies such as Boeing. 


Furniture Industry 

Our high-end products allow us to develop large-format functional and aesthetic solutions.

Take a closer look at two of our star products within the industry: Chrome Nickel and Satin Nickel.

Heavy Machinery

We have processes for all types of finishes including Zinc Phosphates, Manganese Phosphates and Blued.


Paint Applicators

Our Phosphatizing Line provides high levels of adhesion and exceptional resistance.

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